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Frankenfoods: Is Microencapsulation the Future of Eating?

An article entitled “The Frankenfood that improves you” in UK’s The Times newspaper highlights a number of highly-technological developments in functional foods. Of these, encapsulation technologies play a huge role in their picture of the future of foods. From the article [emphasis added]: Imminent slim while you guzzle: pizza and beer to help you lose […]

GAT Food Essentials Wins Frost & Sullivan Microencapsulation Award

From Nutraingredients: Microencapsulation specialist GAT Food Essentials has won the 2009 Frost & Sullivan European Functional Food & Beverage Microencapsulation Technology Innovation Award in recognition of its new water-in-oil-in-water technology. The proprietary water-in-oil-in-water (wowCAPS) technology offers enhanced protection to functional food ingredients by preventing the oxidation and degradation which can occur during food processing. This […]

Bitterness of Protein Enrichments Masked by Gelatin Encapsulation

From Foodmagazine: Bitter-tasting casein hydrolysates may find more applications if spray-dried with gelatine and soy protein isolate, suggests a new study from Brazil. By microencapsulating the protein hydrolysates in a mixture of gelatin and soy protein isolate significant reduced the bitterness of the resulting ingredient. “[This] has the advantage of being a simple, low cost […]

Iron and Omega-3 Boosted Milk Enabled by Microencapsulation

Microencapsulation has allowed a Costa Rican dairy manufacturer to produce a milk enriched with both omega-3 fatty acids and iron, two normally incompatible compounds. From Nutra Ingredients-USA: Austrian-based microencapsulation specialist, GAT Food Essentials, is supplying latin America’s largest dairy with an omega-3 form that is allowing the dairy to offer a difficult to achieve, non-chilled […]

Encapsulated Curcumin from Curry Spice Turmeric May Fight Disease

Recent clinical tests have found that curcumin is more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream when encapsulated in a liposome. This bioactive yellow compound extracted from the curry spice turmeric serves as an antioxidant and may be useful in treating a number of diseases. From Private MD News: The study, which appears in the American Cancer […]

Nanocapsules for Artificial Photosynthesis?

From Imitating photosynthesis in plants? If we were to accomplish this, mankind would have a little less to worry about. Chemists from the University of Würzburg have now made progress on the road to achieving artificial photosynthesis. The structure that has been developed in the university’s Organic Chemistry laboratory is fascinatingly complex: thousands of […]