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Encapsulated Topical Rosacea Drug in Testing

This article highlights a new drug, currently submitted for approval by the FDA, that treats the skin condition rosacea using a topical drug encapsulated in a gel: DER45-EV Gel is a topical product based on Sol-Gel’s patented drug-delivery system that is designed to enhance the efficacy, safety and stability of topical drugs. Sol-Gel’s technology does […]

New Slimming Garments With Encapsulated Flavors?

This article highlights an unusual new startup that intends to make slimming leggings from textiles embedded with encapsulated extracts, such as green tea and peach: The three products in her PeachyBody range – pants leggings and high-waisted pants, made in Italy, range in price from £25 to £38 – starting from a size six up […]

Male Birth Control Through Microencapsulation?

This article highlights a hormonal birth control formulation in development for men. Some methods of delivery for this drug will employ microcapsules: “Researchers are now inching closer to discovering a contraceptive pill for men. Men will soon have the options of a daily oral pill, a patch or gel to be applied to the skin, […]

Microcapsules and Stinky Gym Clothes

This press release from the Hohenstein Institute about scent evaluation of textiles, touches on using microencapsulation for fragrance and antibacterial purposes in garments: “Manufacturers of clothing worn close to the skin (e.g. sporting attire or outdoor wear, underwear or socks), work wear, personal protective clothing and home textiles, as well as shoes and shoe insoles […]