New Slimming Garments With Encapsulated Flavors?

This article highlights an unusual new startup that intends to make slimming leggings from textiles embedded with encapsulated extracts, such as green tea and peach:

The three products in her PeachyBody range – pants leggings and high-waisted pants, made in Italy, range in price from £25 to £38 – starting from a size six up to 16. She is confident that her first batch of garments, which she said she couldn’t disclose the volume of for commercial reasons, will be sold out in Debenhams stores across the UK.

Ms Awan, who was born in Caerphilly and now lives in Cardiff, said: “It is an exclusive two-month deal, but I am also in talks with a number of other leading retailers with a view to striking deals in the new year.”

The garments have micro- massaging properties which, Ms Awan says, help to reduce cellulite. With micro-encapsulation technology they also contain general extract ingredients, such as green tea and peach, which are slowly released for moisturising and anti-oxidant purposes.

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