Effect of alginate-pectin composition on drug release characteristics of microcapsules

Abstract:¬†Microencapsulation of model drug, acetylsalicylic acid into bio-based polymer, alginate-pectin matrix has been undertaken in this work to characterize the microcapsules based on their composition. Different proportions of the alginate-pectin solutions prepared with drug were homogenized and atomized using nitrogen gas into 1.0 M calcium chloride solution to form sol-gel microcapsules. Drug loaded microcapsules were […]

Ascorbic acid retaining using a new calcium alginate-Capsul based edible film

Abrstract:¬†This work aimed to produce a new calcium alginate-Capsul edible film with antioxidant incorporated in matrix. The vitaminic stability was evaluated in the films during their storage under different conditions for 140 days. The films were characterized with respect to their mechanical properties and surface morphology. The results indicated a 25.6% of vitamin C incorporation […]