NASA Research on Microencapsulated Cancer Treatment Delivery

We’ve previously reported on the NASA Microencapsulation Electrostatic Processing System-II experiment (MEPS-II) conducted on the International Space Station. Bringing microencapsulation to space not only provides unique opportunities for research in cancer treatment deliveries, but also such a high-profile application brings much attention to microencapsulation as a process. This new page published by NASA give a […]

Research on Encapsulation of Therapeutic Cells Awarded

Researchers from the University of Basque Country have received a Spanish Pharmaceutical award for their research on microencapsulated cell therapies. From the Basque Research press release: The team made up of teachers at the Pharmacy Faculty of the University of Basque Country (UPV/EHU), José Luis Pedraz, Gorka Orive, tgether with Rosa María Hernández and Doctor […]

Encapsulated Topical Rosacea Drug in Testing

This article highlights a new drug, currently submitted for approval by the FDA, that treats the skin condition rosacea using a topical drug encapsulated in a gel: DER45-EV Gel is a topical product based on Sol-Gel’s patented drug-delivery system that is designed to enhance the efficacy, safety and stability of topical drugs. Sol-Gel’s technology does […]

Male Birth Control Through Microencapsulation?

This article highlights a hormonal birth control formulation in development for men. Some methods of delivery for this drug will employ microcapsules: “Researchers are now inching closer to discovering a contraceptive pill for men. Men will soon have the options of a daily oral pill, a patch or gel to be applied to the skin, […]

Encapsulated Curcumin from Curry Spice Turmeric May Fight Disease

Recent clinical tests have found that curcumin is more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream when encapsulated in a liposome. This bioactive yellow compound extracted from the curry spice turmeric serves as an antioxidant and may be useful in treating a number of diseases. From Private MD News: The study, which appears in the American Cancer […]

Gold Encapsulated RNA and Lasers to Fight Cancer

New research at UCSB is investigating using RNA-filled gold nanocapsules with a peptide-lipid coating to fight cancer cells. The nanoparticles are introduced into the cell using a pulsed near-infrared laser. From Nanowerk: “The scientists used cancer cells from mice, and grew them in culture. They then introduced gold nanoshells, with a peptide-lipid coating, that encapsulated […]

NASA Report on Space Station Drug Microencapsulation Research

NASA has released a report on their investigations into microencapsulation of targeted cancer drugs. This research was conducted in space, on the International Space Station. Here’s a link (pdf) to the full NASA ISS research report. And here’s a blub from the press release: “Another experiment produced a potential medical advance, demonstrating a new and […]

Using a Microsphere Collagen Filler to Reduce Wrinkles

A press release from the American Institute for Plastic Surgery discusses their use of a microsphere-enhanced collagen dermal filler to reduce wrinkles: Artefill is a simple, in-office procedure that takes approximately fifteen minutes to complete. A patient is injected with the product similar to other dermal fillers with the key difference being its lasting effect. […]

Microencapsulated Drugs Developed in Outer Space

In an article on the research that takes place on the International Space Station, a NASA scientist discusses a patented drug microencapsulation system that was developed aboard the Space Station. Their targeted microcapsule research was conducted on prostate cancer in mice. From the article: “One challenge we have is that it takes time for the […]

NASA Grants Microencapsulation Patent License to NuVue Therapeutic

The following Status Report was recently released by the Johnson Space Center of NASA regarding U.S. Patent #7,094,045, “Microencapsulation system and method”. NASA is granting an exclusive license for NuVue Therapeutic to practice the invention described in this patent. [Federal Register: August 17, 2009 (Volume 74, Number 157)] [Notices] [Page 41455] From the Federal Register […]