Preparation of nearly monodisperse microcapsules with controlled morphology by in situ polymerization of a shell layer

Abstract: Nearly monodisperse microcapsules with controllable porous surface morphologies were prepared by the in situ polymerization of melamine and formaldehyde with a template of nonionic surfactant micelles above the cloud point, inside which normal alkanes can be either encapsulated as phase change material or removed to obtain porous hollow spheres. The experimental results indicate that […]

Tehran University Develops Nanocapsule Drug Release Methods

Iranian chemists at Tehran University have been experimenting with drug release using various types of nanocapsules. Recently they have developed a polymer nanocapsule for administering Penicillin-G. From the article at Farsnews: “Among the present nanoparticles, nanocapsules and micelle nanoparticles are more effective. Micelle nanoparticles release the drug in the body slowly, because of their interaction […]