Research on Encapsulation of Therapeutic Cells Awarded

Researchers from the University of Basque Country have received a Spanish Pharmaceutical award for their research on microencapsulated cell therapies. From the Basque Research press release: The team made up of teachers at the Pharmacy Faculty of the University of Basque Country (UPV/EHU), José Luis Pedraz, Gorka Orive, tgether with Rosa María Hernández and Doctor […]

Effect of alginate-pectin composition on drug release characteristics of microcapsules

Abstract: Microencapsulation of model drug, acetylsalicylic acid into bio-based polymer, alginate-pectin matrix has been undertaken in this work to characterize the microcapsules based on their composition. Different proportions of the alginate-pectin solutions prepared with drug were homogenized and atomized using nitrogen gas into 1.0 M calcium chloride solution to form sol-gel microcapsules. Drug loaded microcapsules were […]

Preparation of polysulfone microcapsules containing 1-octanol for the recovery of caprolactam

Abstract: Polysulphone (PSF) microcapsules containing 1-octanol were prepared with solvent extraction method for the recovery of caprolactam. One-step and two-step processes were, respectively, applied to prepare microcapsules. In order to get high extractant loading, a loading method with the assistance of ultrasound has been developed. With the two-step preparation process the extractant loss can be avoided. […]