Nanocapsules for Artificial Photosynthesis?

From Imitating photosynthesis in plants? If we were to accomplish this, mankind would have a little less to worry about. Chemists from the University of Würzburg have now made progress on the road to achieving artificial photosynthesis. The structure that has been developed in the university’s Organic Chemistry laboratory is fascinatingly complex: thousands of […]

Self-Healing Metal Coating Developed With Nanocapsules

Researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany have developed a self-healing nanocapsule coating for metal that will prevent corrosion. This is the first such coating that can be electroplated onto a metal surface. From the Technology Review article: The self-healing metal can be electroplated, which opens up applications in construction, car manufacturing, and other […]

Tehran University Develops Nanocapsule Drug Release Methods

Iranian chemists at Tehran University have been experimenting with drug release using various types of nanocapsules. Recently they have developed a polymer nanocapsule for administering Penicillin-G. From the article at Farsnews: “Among the present nanoparticles, nanocapsules and micelle nanoparticles are more effective. Micelle nanoparticles release the drug in the body slowly, because of their interaction […]

Development of a novel nanocapsule formulation by emulsion-diffusion combined with high hydrostatic pressure

Abstract: A common method used to prepare polymeric nanoparticles in pharmaceutical technology is emulsion-diffusion. However, this method has several disadvantages due to the long duration of the process. At the diffusion step of conventional emulsion-diffusion, high pressure treatment could replace the addition of great quantities of water resulting in diffusion of the solvents from the internal […]