BioBullets To Combat Invasive Zebra Mussel

A Cambridge based company called BioBullets has developed an encapsulated poison of the same name intended to control the zebra mussel, and invasive bivalve that is clogging waterways worldwide. From a Business Weekly article: Dr David Aldridge of the University of Cambridge’s Zoology department says that his company, BioBullets received approval to use its potassium […]

Microencapsulated Pesticides a Threat to Honeybees

This article on Alternet discusses the particular threat that microencapsulated pesticides pose to honeybees pollinators.  Honeybees, the pollinators of a majority of our agricultural crops, are currently facing a mass die-off due to a number of disputed factors. In 1974, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency licensed the nerve gas parathion trapped into nylon bubbles the size […]