Texas A&M and UIW Encapsulated Vaccine Development

From the San Antonio news briefs: “UIW to collaborate on vaccine development Texas A&M University Health Science Center’s Center for Microencapsulation and Drug Delivery is hosting three students and a science educator from the University of the Incarnate Word. These individuals are trainees, supported with National Institutes of Health American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds […]

Microencapsulation Included in “Materiology” Book

Materiology is a beautifully illustrated reference book of over 500 materials and their manufacturing processes aimed at architects, designers, and other creative and production-oriented types. Microencapsulation is given a brief treatment in this book, discussing its use in incorporating substances such as anti-microbials and pharmaceuticals into polymers and textiles. A great addition to any personal, […]

Microencapsulation in Dermatologic Medications

A Dermatology Times article about new drug technologies for treating dermatologic diseases highlights microencapsulation’s use in medicines for treating skin problems. From the article: “Microencapsulation represents another type of intelligent delivery system that has been used to create a number of new products. By controlling the release rate of such medications as tretinoin (Retina-A Micro, […]