Controversy About Poison Encapsulation Surrounding Factory in Southern France

There is a continuing controversy stirring in Bassens, a city in south-western France, surrounding a microencapsulation plant owned by Cerexagri, a division of United Phosphorus Limited. The plant manufactures encapsulated methyl parathion, an insecticide and acaricide which is also extremely hazardous to humans. Parathion usage is banned or restricted in 23 countries, and illegal to […]

Encapsulated Pendimethalin Herbicide Formulations Released

From Farmers Weekly Interactive: “But both Makhteshim (Cinder) and BASF (Stomp Aqua) have been working on a new formulation that uses polymer technology to encase the active ingredient within capsules that are suspended in water. It is the encapsulation that helps minimise staining and makes rinsing of jugs and cans much easier compared with EC […]

BioBullets To Combat Invasive Zebra Mussel

A Cambridge based company called BioBullets has developed an encapsulated poison of the same name intended to control the zebra mussel, and invasive bivalve that is clogging waterways worldwide. From a Business Weekly article: Dr David Aldridge of the University of Cambridge’s Zoology department says that his company, BioBullets received approval to use its potassium […]

Microencapsulated Pesticides a Threat to Honeybees

This article on Alternet discusses the particular threat that microencapsulated pesticides pose to honeybees pollinators.  Honeybees, the pollinators of a majority of our agricultural crops, are currently facing a mass die-off due to a number of disputed factors. In 1974, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency licensed the nerve gas parathion trapped into nylon bubbles the size […]