Bitterness of Protein Enrichments Masked by Gelatin Encapsulation

From Foodmagazine: Bitter-tasting casein hydrolysates may find more applications if spray-dried with gelatine and soy protein isolate, suggests a new study from Brazil. By microencapsulating the protein hydrolysates in a mixture of gelatin and soy protein isolate significant reduced the bitterness of the resulting ingredient. “[This] has the advantage of being a simple, low cost […]

Retained integrity of protein encapsulated in spray-dried chitosan microparticles

Abstract: Chitosan microparticles for delivery of proteins were prepared by spray-drying technique. The effects of formulation (molecular weight and concentration of chitosan) and process variables (inlet drying air temperature and spray rate) on size and morphology of microparticles were characterized. Size of microparticles was mainly controlled by formulation variables, while particle morphology was influenced by both […]